"The aptly named BOOGERS perform their hard-driving, chord-driven rock n' roll for the youngsters in a style
reminiscent of New York Punksters The Ramones. Of course, their songs are crafted with age-appropriate material.
The only sedation going on here is an after-show nap."  
- Chicago Tribune
Here's what people and the press have been saying about the Boogers.

Thanks to everyone who has written to (or about) the Boogers. It's been totally
awesome to hear from people all over the US (and the world) how much they and
their kids LOVE the BOOGERS!! Click on links to see full articles!
"YES! YES! YES! What you are doing is brilliant!"   - Underground comix artist extraordinaire, Jay Lynch
Love this idea!!!!!! As a fan of rock music myself, this is a great
way to enjoy what my preschool students are listening to in
the classroom!!  - Amy
Thank you for producing kids music that IS cool and ISN'T
annoying and condescending! – Samantha
This is so Freaking awesome! Great Music. My son Loves it
too.  – Judd
Love your music...my son does too! Love it!  -Desiree
I really laughed my _ss off on the songs. Keep up the great
work  - Bill.
Best to use the pinkie or an external implement to extricate the most stubborn buggers? Where is the line of demarcation
between snot and boogers?  -Anonymous
I personally wanted you to know how much all the time
energy, & talent you put into making the concert such a
success were appreciated. The fish tossing was ingenious
and completely over the top! The kids music scene needs
you. Thank you again for being such an integral part of our
success. - Angela, Berwyn CARES Entertainment Coordinator
"Lots of (kids' music) artists have dabbled in the garage/punk/pop style, but the Boogers do nothing but rock
Ramones-style. A sonic pop onslaught, & brief, catchy kid tunes that truly rock."   
- Indie Kids Rock
Another new kids' group I love...The Boogers' Road to Rock is fun for punks young and old....Crowe's self-penned
songs are worth the price of the CD alone...Lots of short, fun, loud songs ... perfect for your budding rocker!"
- Warren Truitt, Kids Music That Rocks
"Kids' rock band the Boogers saved me last week...my kids and I were rocking hard...Track after track revealed
bounce-worthy punk rock style beats driven by chords and fun hooks...Maximum punk rock yummy-ness...a
super-rad tot punk rock band...Tots, kids and parents alike... it's time to rock out with yer blocks and pick the Boogers
                                                                                                        - Wendy Whiting, Otterhop
"(The Boogers) sound like a cross between The Ramones and a book of nursery rhymes... these guys rock."
-  Cool Mom Picks
"If the Ramones had ever decided to make a children's CD this is what it would have sounded like.  There will be no
stoppin' the kiddies from hoppin' after listen to this music."
- Monte Melnick, Ramones Tour Manager & Author
of   "
On the Road with the Ramones"
"Slamdance kids! The Ramones spirit lives on...in a children's band."   - Cookie Magazine
And here's a bunch of comments from fans!  Write us on Facebook page or thru the Contact link to the left and
let us know what YOU think...but keep it clean sucka!
Why not just call your fans "Booger Pickers"? Works for me!
                                                                                - Richard (NC)
My kids won't let me play anything else in the car aside from
The Boogers. The Boogers freakin' rock.  Love ya! - Jon (SC)
Greetings Boogers! I bet the circle can get pretty wild sometimes,
all those little guys pogoing about !!  - Kylie (Australia)
I don't have kids and I still love the songs anyway! Nicely done!
- Catherine (IL)
My daughter has been instructed to tell her teacher and her
class that she saw the Boogers this weekend. She's in first
grade, so hilarity will ensue.  - Rob (IL)
Great show, guys. My daughter still can't get over her guitar
pick - thanks Greenie.  - Kat (IL)
Yeah. Oh yeah.  - Rick (MN)
Thanks for the fantastic show today. great venue. Maeve is
pumped about her signed CD!  - Janice (IL)
Thank you to The Boogers for providing inspiration - even
down here in Australia. Knowing that you exist has helped us
to make our little punk band for kids exist. HEY HO LETS GO!
                                                                        - Tim (Australia)
We had a great time at your show! The BOOGERS Cd is
always playing in the car :)  - Margie (IL)
THIS IS BRILLIANT..... PLEASE come to California soon..... My
little punks MUST see this  - Shannon (CA)
wtf? Is this for real?!?  - Tim (WA)   Of course it's real. My sister
in law plays them to my nephew of 16 monthes everyday, he
plays along on the drums. Now if only they were in
stores...Hmmm???  - Nick (MI)
Finally I can rock with my Preschoolers!! lOL. Great job!!  
                                                                               - Tonya (VA)
Nothing beats rockin out to the Boogers with my daughter after
a hard days work!  - Amy (IL)
Had a blast at Schubas! My kids loved it too!  - Ted (IL)
You ever come to Minnesota? I love that I found this page n
you guys. Something cool to listen to with my kids without
feeling I want ear plugs or want to go to sleep..lol. I gotta buy
your music. Then when the kids beg to listen to their music I
say "right on!" I've listened to The Ramones for years, as well
as other ...bands....love Punk  - Corrinne (MN)
i love the ramones, and i love kids' songs... thanks for doing
this ;-)  - Rio (CA)
Love the band. Keep it going guys. Gabba Gabba Hey!
                                                                                  - Kevin (MI)
Kudos from an old school punk. Glad to see the art form
presented for kids. Very nice.  - Ray (CA)
Am i allowed to say that i feel like a kid again?!?? the freakin
bomb! Today I got to "mosh" with my kids (kid-friendly, of
course) ...*sniff*sniff* i was so proud : )  - Nicole (LA)
My son and I love these guys!  - Efrem (WI)
I ♥ the boogers!!!!!  - July (CA)
ima long time punk, first time father and i says thanks for
somethin' i can share w/ my son especially now that he's
repeating everything he hears :D  - Blake
Finally rock my little boy can dance to with out me cringing!
THANK YOU!!! :D  - Bronwynn (UK)
Finally something to dance to besides backyardigans!
                                                                                   - Niki (MO)
I was very excited to see your band on WGN today...I'm a rock
musician and a children's librarian for Chicago Public Library
so I'm always looking for music that I can use in programs
that I enjoy as much as the kids. This is great!  - Shelley (IL)
The Boogers are your go-to for straight up punk rock fun, with no ballads, folk-rock melodies or slow jams thrown in
for measure to slow things down.  
- Nugget Island
Somebody buy this for me, I mean my son, for Christmas.
                                                                                           - Paul
Finally!! Real music for kids that doesn't insult their
intelligence. Awesome stuff!!  - Carolyn (CAN)
OMG, are you ever coming to South Carolina? You guys are
the coolest! I just checked it out on Youtube and I totally wanna
mosh to your music!!!  - Robin (SC)
I have been on a mission for great kids music and I found it.
My boys love the Boogers!  - Rebecca (CO)