As you might have gathered, the BOOGERS love the RAMONES! Here are some great Ramones sites you
can check out...

If YOU are a Ramones fan, you MUST check out
"On the Road with the Ramones" by Monte Melnick. Monte
was their tour manager, and much more, from the very beginning to the very end. Chock-full of great pictures,
insights, humor, and interviews. Cover art by the great John Holmstrom.

RamonesWorld.com is the web site of Arturo Vega, a longtime friend of the band. Among many things he did
for them, Arturo  designed the Presidential Seal logo.

An absolutely insane
Ramones fan site created by Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone of Finland. One of the oldest
and the biggest

Wanna learn how to play Ramones songs? -
this place has tabs for all of their songs!
The BOOGERS proudly call Berwyn, Illinois their home. Here's some Berwyn-related links...

Berwyn CARES is a local grassroots organization dedicated to improving Berwyn Schools

Fitzgerald's Night Club is an awesome place to see live music -- a true Berwyn institution

Berwyn Arts Council is devoted to the enrichment of our community by advocating the integration of
the arts into community life, by fostering arts education, and by supporting artists and arts organizations
Children's book author, key figure in the underground comix movement, Wacky Packages artist,
contributor to MAD & CRACKED magazine, animal lover,...and friend of the band

Check out Jay's new children's book: Otto's Orange Day. My kids & I love it...it has a great message!!

Hear Jay on National Public Radio (NPR) discussing the 35th Anniversary of Wacky Packages

Go to the Jay Lynch Homepage or his entry in Wikipedia to learn more about Jay
There are lots of great kids' music sites and lots of great bands for kids out there. Of course, none of the bands
rock as hard as the BOOGERS, but then again, we may not be your cup of tea...

BLOGS: There are lots of great kids' music blogs...we especially like Indie Kids Rock,  Zooglobble,           
Gooney Bird Kids and Kids' Music that Rocks...let us know if you have a cool blog and we'll add a link!

RADIO: All of the below stations have podcasts - so you can listen any time you wanna.
       Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child is a long-running and fantastic show!
Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl is awesome!  

RETAIL: The Pokey Pup carries a lot of great indie kids music, like the Boogers!
          Get the greatest rock n' roll gear for your kiddos at

OTHER: Not just music, but an incredible resource for hip parents: Otterhop!