The Boogers are the brainchild of Dr. Paul Crowe. Fatherhood, a PhD in Developmental Psychology, and 20
years of sloggin' it in wretched clubs as a punk rocker  - even opening for Dee Dee Ramone and Marky
Ramone -  formed Paul's vision of the Boogers.

As Crusty Booger, he marries these experiences to make developmentally appropriate rock and punk rock
for kids and their families to enjoy together.  As kids' music expert Warren Truitt said, "the
Boogers bring a breath of fresh air to the kids music scene"

Formed in 2008, their debut CD "Road to Rock" received a National Parenting Publications Gold Award
(highest honor). Their 2010 CD "Let's Go!" was named one of the top kids albums by Daily Candy Kids
National.  Their 3rd CD, "Extractum Victoris" will be released on December 4th, 2012. They have appeared in
major press and radio all over the country, hobnob with cool underground comix artists like Jay Lynch, Jon
Holmstrom, & Shawn Dickinson, and (when they aren't with their families) prefer to be on the road, bringing
their unique brand of rock to kids and their rockin' parents.

From a Child Development perspective, do you know that...

music is the basis for almost  all spoken language.

...across almost every culture, we talk to infants in the same way. This pre-language is         
called child-directed speech (CDS), and is also known as "motherese" or "parentese." Pitch,
melody and glissando are all key elements in
communicating before we even know any words.

..."call-and-response" songs teach children about how
conversations work.

teaches children about how words are constructed.

...listening and
enjoying music with your kids will increase their love of music.

...parents and teachers
love to listen to the Boogers too! (see Raves)

...almost no child can resist dancing to a four-on-the-floor backbeat @ 180 beats per minute