NAME: Crusty Booger (Paul Crowe)

ROLE: The level-headed leader of the BOOGERS, Crusty always
shows up on time and ready for the show. He sings & plays guitar.

FAVORITE FOODS: wheat germ and riboflavin

GEAR: Fender Telecaster, Mesa-Booger Amps

NAME: Greenie Booger (Dave Leffel)

ROLE: Young, impetuous, and energetic, Greenie holds down the
bottom-end for the BOOGERS.

FAVORITE FOODS: pizza, sushi

GEAR: Custom Wacky Packages Bass, Ampeg Amps

INFLUENCES: Ramones, Wacky Packages
NAME: Sticky Booger (Rich Reichert)

ROLE: The cantankerous and irritable Sticky is somewhat of an
enigma. The only reliable thing about him is his impeccable sense
of tempo -- making him a natural for the drums.

FAVORITE FOODS: macaroni & cheese

GEAR: 1965 Rodgers Drums, Zildijan Cymbals, Vic Firth sticks

INFLUENCES: Tommy and Marky Ramone